Viking River Cruise 2015




A different one at beginning of each meal

Plum Tart

The right side of the menu was available at every dinner so if you didn’t like something on the special menu, you could always order from there.  Thanks to Tom, I have 10 of the 14 menus; next time I’ll remember to take the photos, too.  Wish I had taken photos of the breakfast bar as it had every imaginable item on it--all fresh!  Even a separate menu for ordering pancakes, waffles, and some other items.

Our waiters on the Skadi kept us in stitches as they were so much fun!  Nicknamed “The Three Stooges”--we wanted to bring them with us to the Bragi when we switched mid-cruise.  Took us a couple of days to get the new waiters warmed up to our rowdy group!

Left to right:  Dimche (aka Daniel Craig), Pencho, & Alvin (the wine steward).